Career Advice that All Women Should Know

If you are about to graduate from college or if you are already in the process of becoming part of the working society, it is important that you choose the right career. The best career for women is not the same, as each one of them has their own skills, talents, and preferences. But in a nutshell, the right career is a profession that is not only well-paying, but also something worth doing. It is also important that you pick something that you know you love.

Advice on How to Choose a New Career

Before you choose a particular field, it is wise that you get to know about it as much as you can first and from all perspectives. It is not enough that you base your decision on the kind of pay you will get. You should include your own interests and likes. Choose a career that involves tasks you are really into as well as roles that you are not that crazy about – this will make your everyday life interesting and challenging. If you make the mistake of picking a career just because it is lucrative, you can end up ruining your entire life because you hate what you do.

Advice on How to Stay Happy with your Chosen Career

The most important part of staying happy with your chosen career is to not let it take over your life. It is crucial that you balance your professional and personal life. You should not allow your job responsibilities to eat up every waking hour you have. You need to give yourself ample amount of ‘me’ time. If you have a family, you need to come up with a strategy so that you can break away from the strict bonds you have with your job in order to still have enough bonding moments with your loved ones. Continue reading


How to Find the Right Man

It is a given, almost every woman is dreaming of finding the right man. Who wouldn’t when nothing is comparable to the happiness one gets from a healthy romantic relationship? This is why many women try to do things that can help them end up with their dream guy. I have seen women spending a lot on beauty products and treatments just to make sure that they have very smooth and fair skin. I just can’t believe those that even resort to plastic surgeries to change the shape of their face and body. To me, these are unnecessary and too much. What then are the ways how a woman can find the right one without changing or improving the body that much? Read on below to know about these tips.

Know yourself first

Many get lost in their journey of looking for their other half. This happens when they put a lot of time and effort changing their selves to be someone who is very different from their original selves. For me, the first and most important thing when longing or looking for the right one is to be the right person first. With this I mean that one has to know herself well. She should know her weaknesses and strengths. At the same time, she should know what her ambitions are when it comes to career and plan for long term. The bottom line, one has to know who she really is. She should not change herself because she wants to be the type of girl that her target guy wants. This is very wrong. This is not love. This is obsession.

Qualities of Mr. Right

There are millions of people in the world. I somehow believe that there is someone meant for every one of us. However, the probability of meeting that person is reduced by factors such as the number of people or population and the length of life. That is why I love going to places and meeting new people. It is only through this that one can increase the opportunity of getting closer to that right person. But to be more specific, it would pay to have an idea of who is the right guy. For example, one can create a list of the qualities she wants and is looking for in a guy. Continue reading


Women Beyond Media Stereotypes

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you are asked to imagine what a mother looks like? It’s highly possible that your answer will be a woman wearing an apron, puttering about the kitchen, mopping and waxing the floor, or going about her gardening tasks. While it is true that most moms do these things, their day to day lives are not just centered on worrying about home chores. Sadly, because of media stereotyping, women today are still viewede the same way.

Media Stereotyping

If you were to research the origins of stereotyping, whether gender or media related, you will learn that experts believe it came from Ester Boserup, who found that various gender roles have strong correlations with the use of the plough (a device used in farming). Since using this equipment required a considerable amount of upper body and grip strength, people in the farming industry began to think that men definitely had an advantage over women.

So of course, as years passed by, people automatically assumed that men are stronger when it comes to conducting activities outside the home, especially those that required manual labor. The perception that women are better off doing home chores began to strengthen. These gender related farming roles became so widely accepted that even other industries began to implement them.

Stereotyping the Female Gender

The media did nothing to get rid of these disparity issues. In fact, they seem to have made things worse. Almost all advertisements portrayed women as stay-at-home moms. If not this kind of scenario, the ad would have something to do with how the female gender should dress up – in dresses, skirts, blouses, and high heeled shoes.

It is because of this stereotyping that women still have a hard time becoming leaders in their chosen careers. Most men in the higher ranks would refuse to give women a chance to partner with them up there simple because they are female. This is despite the fact that they themselves have seen what women can do to help them achieve success. Continue reading